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Oh Hell Yeah

2017-02-14 16:53:47 by cosmickittygal567

I'm still poor and I'm still selling paintings. Buy them.


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2017-02-14 18:01:29

What if I'm also poor and can't? What do you type to that?


2017-02-14 18:37:22

Man, I was poor up until I was in my late twenties, but I think that's the norm. Granted, I'm definitely not rich now. I only work a min. wage job, so, if I'm fortunate, I'll have a small amount of extra money each week, and, normally, I spend a portion of that on music (I loves me some music), and junk food (I'm exposed to sweets all day long), but I have paid for commission art on a few occasions.


2017-02-22 21:22:43

Since you mentioned your YT channel in your most recent art submission, I went ahead and looked through it. If that's you making the cat bird noises, then you're a dead ringer for my friend's second child. It's kinda scary, actually. The only differences I can think of at the moment is that you're not spewing a bunch of terrible puns and complaining about Starlight Glimmer.

(Updated ) cosmickittygal567 responds:

My friend is making the cat bird noises, but I do make a lot of bad puns.


2017-02-23 05:55:27

I've heard that one a few times from a guy at work, since he'll retell a pun if someone else is nearby to also hear it. A similar one I get from a friend from time to time is:

"You want to hear a joke about Eggshell White?"
"Nevermind. It might be a little too 'off-color' for you."

As for your comment on Tank Girl... drawing hands is most definitely a major pain in the ass for young artists, and for people like me who only draw on rare occasions. Check out the link to get yourself started. It's definitely worth the effort, and even an ugly pair of hands will look better than drawing them backwards or replacing them with something much easier, like circles or triangles.

cosmickittygal567 responds:

Thanks for the article! I'm pretty sure I used to have a sketch book just full of hands and yet, I'm still bad at them.


2017-02-28 19:16:35

Alright! March is starting soon, so I need you to wow yourself... or your fans... whichever drives you.
You're gonna provide something grand! Something extraordinary! Step out of your comfort zone, go with something you don't believe you will draw well, and then amaze the shit out of yourself when you create something far better than you imagined. How's that sound? Up for the challenge?

cosmickittygal567 responds:

Sure I'll try


2017-03-01 18:32:34

Realistically, that's about as enthusiastic of a response as I was expecting. Plus, I was on a high from being able to finish my Four in February and the blog about them with the month. Usually, I only say stuff like that after I've binged on a lot of sugary food (I work a bakery. Access to a lot of goodies. It happens.) So, what's a thing(s) you generally stray away from while drawing, possibly because it seems too difficult, time-consuming, or reasonably uncomfortable? In my case, it's conflict and women. I hate drawing female characters, either because there's always a demand to make them pretty or over-the-top unattractive (usually for comedic effect). Plus, I hate creating fan service/ eye candy type of content. As for conflict, I never seem to be able to draw a good fight scene that I don't think looks dumb and ridiculous. I prefer drawing adorable, silly stuff, like dogs and Pokemon. If you got any suggestions on what I oughta try to create, let's read'em.

cosmickittygal567 responds:

I'm probably going to attempt to make a comic since I have trouble drawing a character more than once and getting them to look the same.


2017-03-01 19:05:40

That I did back in middle and high school! Looked terrible. Loved'em anyhow. All of them are gone, along with my old sketches I made back when I used to wanna recreate the stuff I saw on the pages of Nintendo Power. I know an ex-girlfriend kept some of them, but I have no clue what happened to rest of it all.

What's the comic going to be about? Any ideas?

cosmickittygal567 responds:

I'm not sure what it's going to be about yet. So far, I just know that I want to do it in a similar style to jthm, because it inspired me to want to write a comic. Most likely going to have dark humor because I'm just that kind of person.


2017-03-08 18:44:27

Still working on that comic?

cosmickittygal567 responds:



2017-03-08 19:24:43

Excellent! Then, I'll hold off on my monthly duty until then.