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Good Bye For Now

2017-01-27 15:03:43 by cosmickittygal567

No one actually cares about my shitty artwork, so I'm not going to post anything for a while. Some crap is going on in my personal life, so I will barley be able to post anything anyway. I'll still be here if you feel like talking to me, but why would anyone do that. Damn this post is edgy sounding. Bye. 


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2017-01-27 15:14:17

If you want people to care, you have to be active and ask people in the forums


2017-01-27 16:47:28

Why would you want to waste time convincing other people to care about your art? Fuck them! It's what you do for your enjoyment. For your pleasure. To express yourself. Having other people enjoy your art is merely a bonus.

Before you're officially gone, can you add that giraffe and the St. Bernard drawings to the Art Portal, please? I like them the most... especially the dog. I love it when people draw dogs.

And good luck sorting out the personal stuff. At your age, you're probably being hit from all angles with problems. If you don't sort'em out quickly, they'll overwhelm ya.

cosmickittygal567 responds:

Oh I'm glad you like my art! If I still have the file for the giraffe and saint Bernard, I'll post them for you.