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I'm not dead, new style, and game update!

2015-10-22 17:13:43 by cosmickittygal567

Ello! I didn't die! I know I haven't been very active lately, but here I am. My life has been kind of busy lately. But I know you don't want to hear about me, so yeah new style. Do you like it? I feel ike I have come a long way in terms of art. My origianal drawing on here was done with a mouse on MS Paint. Do yall like or hate my new style? (Check Winter Girl and Yuno Pangui for a good comparison) I really want to be scouted. I'm still young, and I'm hoping that my NG friends will be along with me. Any way... games. Quite a while ago, I announced that I had been begining to make a game. I had never done that before. I promiss that it will be out by June 2016. I have some quick sketches I wanted to share.4724312_144554832582_OscarAnimation1.png4724312_144554835363_Qickoscarsketch.pngThey are both basic ideas of the character. I hope the game dosen't suck. Probs will though. And as always...



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