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You are beautiful

2015-09-23 16:42:21 by cosmickittygal567

Hi guys. I found this video on youtube, and it has the best quote ever in it. The video is by Shane Koyzcan, so I'm giving him credit for the quote. By the way, those people were wrong to call you stupid, dumb, and ugly.4724312_144304072053_youarebeautiful.png


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2015-09-23 16:43:19

By the way, sorry if the wording is different then what I put.


2015-09-23 17:05:23

Thank you!

cosmickittygal567 responds:

Your welcome!


2015-09-23 18:04:19

thanks, i needed that..
also he just uploaded a vid 10 hours ago "For Many"
that was amazing

cosmickittygal567 responds:

yes. thank you