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Art Requests

2015-08-31 16:56:24 by cosmickittygal567

Hi yall! Iam extremly out of ideas for what to draw since Im focusing on all of my school crap. In my free time, I would like to do some stuff for all of my fans out there in Newgroundsland. I have some rules for what I will and wont draw.


1. No nudity

2. No cats (I suck at those)

3. Nothing too hard plz

4. Be specific on what you want

5. Don't hate, appreciate!

Here is some of my quick work to give you an idea:

It took about 5 minutes to do this. By the way Im best at portrates and this was made with Microsoft Paint.



2015-08-25 16:11:59 by cosmickittygal567

Ello everyone! Today was my first day o school for the year. Sorry if I miss responding to people for a while. Im a bit flustered at the moment, but I will end up posting more cuz, you know, doodles. Warning: it will be on lined paper, just so you know. I dare you to say pie in the coments. And as always......






2015-08-13 17:18:39 by cosmickittygal567

My chicken laid an egg for the first time. What should I do with it?

Hello everybody! I am back from my vacation with Sprunkochunk62! Boy do I have some stories to share. I went to a fish sandwich festival by Lake Huron. It was acctually a lot of fun. One of the days, we decided to take a walk in the lake. The pair of water shoes I took had a huge hole in the toe, but I didn't notice it until it was too late. We got about 5 feet out and I felt a large pinch. I just ignored it and we continued our walk, but it got progressivly worse and worse. I eventually decided to take a look at what happened. I pulled off my shoe (this is when I noticed the hole) my foot was really cut up by a shell that looked like this:


There were like 5 of them in my shoe. I am okay now, but I can officially say that I was beeat up by a snail.


I hope my weird story ammused you atleast a litttle bit, and as always...



Story time

2015-07-29 08:28:52 by cosmickittygal567

Okay, so this morning, I got up really early. Like 6 or something to help my mom clean up after the chickens. When we're done, my mom goes to work. I, on the other hand, go back inside to fall asleep on the couch. I lie down and began to drift to sleep, until, all of a suden, I feel a sharp pinch in my neck and face. When I look up, I see a brown, fuzzy, tail in my face.  I then realize that my cat was sleeping ON MY FACE! Has that happened to anyone else? If so, tell me about it in the comments. If you liked story time, tell me that, too. I would be happy to tell more of my crazy stories. P.S. I'm going on va-ca tomarrow, so expect more stories from Sprunkochunck and I about it. Talk to yinz later and as always...




Games n' such

2015-07-21 16:28:31 by cosmickittygal567

Hi guys! I've been planning on the production of my first game! If anyone knows where I can find sone high-quality, but free music please let me know. I'm too cheap to spend money. Anyway, my game will be a platformer because I can't find a good and free thing for RPGs, so blah. Whatevs. As allways...




Please Help

2015-04-30 20:25:41 by cosmickittygal567

Hello everybody of Newgrounds! I need some help from you. I am looking for an animation program that is pretty good and under 10$, so any of you animators, please help! Thankyou and as always...


Any suggestions?

2015-04-20 16:06:03 by cosmickittygal567

Hello friends! I've been drawing on the computer for a while now, and I only use the thing preinstalled in to my computer. I need suggestions for a good free program I can use. Thankyou! And as allways...



2015-03-31 15:46:09 by cosmickittygal567

Hi guys! I've been working on some comics recently and I finally finnished one worthy of Newgrounds. I hope you guys like it and I hope to see it on the portal soon and as always...